New album TRIO out now… plus other projects info!! READ ALL ABOUT IT :)

Triocover copy
I play clarinet and sax on a new album Trio, with Terence Collie (piano) and Nick Lenner-Webster (bass). It’s a mixture of standards, originals and free improvisations. You can pick up your copy here: Trio

Read more about this project:

In other news, one of my other bands Super db is in the process of recording our second album. We’re hoping to have something new for you next year sometime – it takes a while to make an album! Meanwhile, ‘Wait For Me’, from the recent EP Listen To This was featured on a youtube channel with 17,000 subscribers, and songs from the EP have been played on Asheville FM, a North Carolina radio station.

Lastly, I’m currently on a composition journey of writing 24 preludes and Fugues – in all keys – embracing Jazz and Classical idioms. I love to play around with different modes of composition, including improvisation, and different techniques, for example atonal and pandiatonicism. I’ve written 7, so 17 to go! (Wish me luck..) Here’s one of the preludes and fugues, in D:

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