I started the clarinet when I was 7. During my school years I learnt with two brilliant teachers: Gary Brodie and Margaret Archibald, both who inspired me to continue playing. At York University I learnt with the amazing and generous Alan Hacker and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London with  jazzer Tony Coe. I won the Bexley Young Musician of the Year in 1998 and was the Concerto soloist at York with the Finzi Concerto in 2002.

I have played with many groups/orchestras including under John Rutter’s baton in his ‘Requiem’ at Cadogan Hall in 2007 as well as at the Thursford Spectacular in 2007 and 2008. I have also played with the contemporary ensemble The Chiasmus Ensemble at York Spring Festival in 2009 and concerts in Manchester and Greenwich.

My main focus now is playing with the punk-jazz group DOLLYman and with Italian guitarist Fabio Zambelli. I also play various gigs at different venues with varying line-ups, including Klezmer band The Matzoh Boys, gypsy jazz band Swingatto, and on recording sessions including the documentary ‘Europe’s Last Dictator’ and for ‘You Are Wolf‘.

I also play clarinet with 1920s/30s Jazz band The Night and Day Collective 

I wrote the online clarinet guide on the Thomann website – check it out!

2 Responses to “Clarinet”
  1. John Hargreaves says:

    Just to say how good I thought you all were yesterday – we spoke briefly afterwards (you thought I was a manager). Nice to see the York connection – I was there a number of years before you. Have you approached BBC radio – Loose Ends” or “Late Junction” –
    for more exposure? Also, Graham Rogers (also York) is a producer at Radio 3; might be worth contacting. Is it worth sounding out people like Chris Batchelor (Loose Tubes & jazz lecturer)? I’m sure this all obvious, but you should be playing far more gigs and have a larger exposure – what you do is so very good; and it’s music worth listening to. If I can find a way to get you into my school sometime for a performance/workshop event, what would you charge? I can’t promise anything for now, but I think schools could also be a way to get more exposure.

    Regards, John

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