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With Super db, we’ve recently released our EP and debut album:

Listen To This – EP (2017)

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Death by Disco (2016)


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You can hear some songs on Soundcloud. Super db are JP Sutcliffe (drums, keys, percussion, vocals, production), JM Sutcliffe (guitars, vocals, extra percussion, production) , Lorenzo Bassignani (basses), and me (keys, vocals, sax, extra percussion). We’re joined by Paul Spong (trumpets), Rosanna Schura (vocals on ‘Fajita’) and Gemma Moore (baritone sax on ‘I Wanna Score’).

I have produced 6 solo albums and an EP:

Around The Corner (2013)


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This album reached number 4 on the Amazon Jazz MP3 downloads chart.

You can hear a couple of songs on Soundcloud. It features the core band of Jean-Pierre Sutcliffe (Drums, percussion), Lorenzo Bassignani (Bass), Jean-Michel Sutcliffe (Guitars) and me on Piano, Vocals and Sax. Plus there are other vocals from Kerry Andrew and Hannah Northedge as well as the Sutcliffe Brothers (J-P, J-M and Raphael).There are 3 tunes with the Badke String Quartet and several with horns and woodwind (French horns, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, sax and clarinet).

Daytime TV (2011)


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“It’s got a real feel of classic pastoral ’70s British pop love it” Stuart Maconie on the Radcliffe and Maconie Show, air play on BBC Radio 2, Dec 2010

“…Simon and Garfunkel feel”, Sept 2011

“…good ear for melody” 247 Magazine, Sept 2011

“strike a chord among admirers of Oddfellows Casino…a youthful Ben Folds 5”, Sept 2011

Love From The Blue (2009)



Sarah – EP (2007)



Dream Of The Sun (2006)



“…reminiscent of Ben Folds Five” The Telegraph Online, 2007

Self-Portrait (2005)



For Everyone (2004)




I have also released 3 guitar and clarinet albums Songs and Soundscapes, Spring and Minor Mood with guitarist Fabio Zambelli – see scroll down menu for more details.

With the band DOLLYman, we have released an album and 2 EPs – more info on the DOLLYman page.

With pianist Terence Collie and bassist Nick Lenner-Webster, we have released Trio, a jazz album containing a mix of arrangements of jazz standards, originals, and free improvisations.

I have also composed/performed/recorded:

For piano: Solo piano albums Piano 1, Piano 2, and Piano 3, 3 Sonatas (Piano Sonata 3), 3 Improvisations, 4 Pieces, and ‘Piano 2014’.

Numerous jazz/instrumental/vocal pieces including:

Minor Mood, Celestial Waltz, For Kenny, Ode, Mr DH, Can’t Move From Here, What It Takes, At Home, Steppes, Spring Is In The Air, Jam, Poke, Mission:Possible, After Dark, OCD, Saxosus, 234567 Suite,

Scottish Suite for basset clarinet and piano, Break-Up Suite, Journey on a Theme Suite (arrangement of French and Italian pop songs), The Water Is Wide Suite (British folk-songs arranged with Juice Vocal Ensemble),

What Does It Take for string orchestra, clarinet and beats,

I Loved You for unaccompanied choir,

String Quartet 1

A Musical – as yet unstaged – The New King of Canobah based on the book/script by Tom Dibble.

As an arranger I have written for string quartet and ensemble, vocal groups of varying sizes and brass/horn sections. A lot of this material is audible on my original albums, particularly Around The Corner and Daytime TV. I have also arranged for The Aurora Orchestra.

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