Dibble & Zambelli

Dibble and Zambelli is Fabio Zambelli on guitar and me on clarinet. We have released 3 albums: Minor Mood in 2011, Spring in 2015, and Songs and Soundscapes in 2017. The first album was recorded in a villa in the South of France in the summer of 2009, and Spring in Varese in the spring of 2014. Our 3rd album Songs and Soundscapes was also recorded in Varese, and released on the 33Xtreme label on March 31st 2017. 

We have played as a duo and quintet (adding bass, drums and piano) in various venues including on Isolino Virginio, in the middle of Lake Varese in Northern Italy, Spazio Lavit in Varese, the Camomile Cafe in Belsize Park, London, and various clubs in Switzerland. Our music consists of interleaved improvisation and composition in a chamber setting:

Songs and Soundscapes (2017)


images-2  images

Spring (2015)


images-2 images

Minor Mood (2011)


images-2 images

Here is a video of ‘Varese’ from Songs and Soundscapes. Footage is from our trip up Campo dei Fiori, a nearby mountain to Varese and Casciago in Northern Italy, where the album was recorded:

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