MattPiano2(Photo by Tim Keeler)

I have played the piano since I was 10. I grew up learning Classical and Jazz and have played in many different groups and as a solo performer; at university and music college with different ensembles, and with cabaret group The Ruby Dolls. Now my focus is on Jazz and Pop piano; performing and recording my own music, with function bands including Ricochet, Beach Boys SMiLE, as well as solo piano. I also play with DOLLYman, sharing the keyboard duties with Kerry Andrew and James Lindsay, and have played on various recording sessions.

My solo piano albums Piano 1, 2, and 3 are available here.

I teach piano at the BRIT School.

Here is a video of me performing solo piano at The Wellesley Hotel in central London:

4 Responses to “Piano”
  1. Kristie Shaw says:

    Matt played at our wedding and he was brilliant, he played during the ceremony and the champagne reception and alot of the guests came up to me afterwards to say how good he was and how impressed they were with his music. We also heard him play at my brothers wedding where he learnt several particular peices of music specifically for them and played them wonderfully. He made all the organisation and arrangements really easy for us and really helped made our day special.

  2. Matthew Benney says:

    Matt came and played a while at a little birthday party in our home. He’s super talented and very accommodating. It was the highlight of the evening. Thank you!

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