MattGreenwich5(Photo by Jo Hone)

As a producer (mixing/mastering, but can also include fixing musicians/hiring recording space etc) I have worked on numerous projects:

All of my solo output (excluding Minor Mood, produced by Fabio Zambelli. Daytime TV and Around The Corner were produced with JP Sutcliffe)

You Are Wolf EP – Hunting Little Songs (with Kerry Andrew)

DOLLYman album – Ponderous Skiffle Rubbish (with Lucy Mulgan and DOLLYman)

DOLLYman EP – Have Yourself a DOLLY DOLLY Christmas (with Lucy Mulgan and JP Sutcliffe)

A Lock is a Gate album for TFL (with Kerry Andrew)

I try to make my computer/audio interface setup as simple as possible so I can concentrate on recording and listening to the music: I use Cubase on a Mac, with a MOTU 8pre audio/midi interface.


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